Fresco Multiviewer
Fresco Multiviewer
Fresco is a new generation multi-viewer system.
It offers extreme integration with up to 16 inputs and 4 monitoring screen connections in a single 1RU chassis.
Fresco can be easily integrated into various workflows, providing great flexibility, excellent image quality, and comprehensive probing & alarming features. It also represents the best value per channel, making it an ideal choice for multi-display monitoring applications with affordable price.

Fresco (1RU) Features:
* 16 inputs, 4 HDMI outputs, 4 HD-SDI outputs
Fantastic image quality and superior display flexibility
* Max resolution can reach 3840x2160
* Any source, any position, any size, any repetition
* Supports the logical combination and organization of screen group
* One-key EMG switch, to display any input to the full screen
Rich Display Elements
* Quiet & Stable System Design
* Super quiet chassis design, guarantees noise-free operation
* Redundant PSU and modular I/O design, no single point of failure
* Embedded OS platform ensures highly stable 7x24 operation
Key Features
* Powerful Processing Capability
* AMEC-based high-quality picture
* Zoom, duplicate, picture spanning, as well as picture in picture
* Flexible window positioning across the 4 screen outputs
* Comprehensive Probing & Alarming Video loss, video black, video frozen Audio loss, audio silence, audio overload Monitoring on voltage, in-frame temperature, and fan failure
* Highly Integrated Chassis
* 16 channels of 3Gbps/HD-SDI/SD-SDI/CVBS auto-sensing inputs
* 4 channels of HDMI/DVI outputs
* 4 channels of HD-SDI outputs
* 128 built-in tracks/64 tracks of digital audio/32 tracks of analog audio
* Easy Deployment & Management
* Various layout presets for different applications
* Support network administration
* Flexible and instant layout change