Pele XL 35 Remote Head
Pele XL 35 Remote Head
Flexible Remote Head Solutions for Rough Environments
Pele Crane Remote Heads are produced by ABC, a division of Movitech Company, to cover the needs of TV broadcast Industry. These models support a wide range of cranes for different type of applications, supporting industry standards digital cameras and operations.
Pele XL 35 Remote Heads is a complete set; including the head itself, remote control unit, remote rigs, cables for industry standards lenses, including Canon, Fujinon and Angenieux, battery holder and carrying case. Also a wide range of acesories are available for different operational and/or technical requirements.

Duirng 2010 World Championship`s games broadcast which held at South Africa, Movietech successfully fulfilled all operational requirements in a rough environemt, especially with the support of Pele XL 35 remote heads.