mxf workflow solutions for Mac OSX based video editing
mxf4mac plugin family contains a wide range of applications enabling mxf based workflows which is not available on Mac OSX, via Quick Time integration for all QT based editing and playing applications with mxf import/export/edit capabilities.

mxf4mac plugins are listed as follows:
MXF Import QT: This plugin is a MXF reader, importer, interpreter and file access plug-in for the QuickTime system framework. It allows to natively open and access a broad range of MXF variations without converting or referencing to the QuickTime movie format. The unique integration enables Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Server and other solutions to directly work with native MXF media.
GXF Import QT: This plugin uses similar techniques like our popular MXF Import QT solution to integrate the General eXchange Format into the QuickTime framework of Mac OS X. The QuickTime component enables direct access to GXF files in the entire operating system to provide a greater feature set for more flexible file worflows. Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Server and other QuickTime compatible applications can directly read and open GXF with AVC-Intra, MPEG-2 and DV compression types.
AVC-Intra QT: This is the first AVC-Intra codec for QuickTime and Mac OS X with export and encoding capabilities. The QuickTime export component makes AVC-Intra encoding available in Mac OS X`s QuickTime framework and accessible by every Mac OS X application. The exporter has been optimized to smoothly interface with the new Apple AVC-Intra decoder that is part of Final Cut Studio 3.
DNG QT: DNG and CinemaDNG are standarized and open RAW formats for digital photo and film cameras. DNG QT is a decoder component for QuickTime to read and access the Adobe DNG and CinemaDNG formats in Mac OS X.

MXF Import FCP: MXF Import QT allows users to import MXF files directly to the Final Cut Pro project either via drag and drop or by using the standard import dialog.
MXF Import CS4: MXF Import CS4 is a plug-in for the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium. It enables applications like After Effects and Premiere Pro to directly interface with our MXF Import QT component in Mac OS X. The streaming support of MXF Import QT also enables Premiere Pro and After Effects to access growing MXF files that are still in recording or transfer. The clip duration updates just like in Final Cut Pro.
MXF Export Suite: The MXF Export Suite is a bundle of export plug-ins for Final Cut Pro and Compressor. GC Export FCP and GC Export FCS are universal OP1a export plug-ins for Final Cut Pro and Compressor. P2 Export FCP is a dedicated Panasonic P2 export plug-in for Final Cut Pro.
update FCP Media: Access to growing video files has become very popular. If you edit live video feeds in Final Cut Pro then this is the right solution for you. The green button allows you to quickly refresh all media files that have been loaded into Final Cut Pro. The duration and media contents of video clips refreshes with just one single mouse click. Another feature of update FCP Media is the ability to sync contents from folders with bins in the Final Cut Pro browser. This improves the operator’s import process when new media files from folders need to be loaded into Final Cut Pro. Imagine your graphic department renders 2D or 3D animations to specific folders on your central storage. Instead of importing all files one after the other into Final Cut Pro you just need to hit the blue button and all new files get loaded into your project bins.

mxf4mac Player: MXF4mac Player is a QuickTime movie, MXF and GXF player. The free application provides professionals features combined with a simple user interface and efficient controls. The player is also able to play Panasonic P2 XML documents like movie files and with video and audio linked.
Automic Fusion: Atomic Fusion is a helper application for Final Cut Pro to automate the merging process for separate video and audio MXF OP-Atom files. The application can be used with such OP-Atom files from Avid, Ikegami, Panasonic, OpenCube, EVS, Amberfin, Rhozet, Telestream, among others.
P2 Flow: P2Flow is a metadata editor, player and logging application for the Panasonic P2 format. It integrates seamlessly with Final Cut Pro, Compressor and other applications through a unique set of workflow features. P2 Flow takes advantage of the native MXF file access in conjunction with MXF Import QT that allows to access the native P2 MXF media without the need to convert the files.
MXF Info: MXF Info is the only MXF file analyzer available for Mac OS X. The analyzer takes advantage of the fully documented and open MXF format and provides full control over MXF creation processes for the content owner. MXF creators can not hide secrets or errors, the analyzer shows all KLVs within a MXF file including MPEG, DV and AES3 header data.
MXF Capturing: Technology partners can enable MXF capturing through our MXF Export SDK. The application allows MXF single and multi stream capturing with standard desktop video cards from AJA, Blackmagic Design and Matrox
MXF Export SDK: Our Export SDK is available for valuable technology partners to enable MXF export and writting in their applications. Long term partnerships are very important for us. As an innovative German company we focus on high quality technology and solid business networks to fulfill the expectations of our customers and partners in over 40 countries world-wide.

With a wide selection of different plugins listed above, all mxf based workflows can be enabled on Mac OSX. These soltions support Apple Final Cut Studio and Adobe Creative Suite platforms. mxf4mac plugins support all mxf based broadcast automation systems and playout servers.

You can find detailed information about ProSave`s mxf4mac applications within the News and References pages.