Share rich media in a high-speed, cross-platform SAN
metaSAN is a high-speed file sharing Storage Area Network (SAN) management software that sets new standards for cross-platform workgroup collaboration. metaSAN enables multiple users to share access to common data files in workgroups where heavy bandwidth requirements are the norm. With metaSAN, film and video editors, digital artists, healthcare specialists, and corporate users can simultaneously access a common pool of data files such as video clips, databases, satellite imagery, medical archives, or CAD files - as easily and transparently as if the content was stored on their local drive.
Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, metaSAN innovates with true file sharing, native OS file system and access rights management, virtualization for Avid®, dynamic metadata master arbitration model, and seamless integration with LAN networks. These innovations ensure a perfectly transparent and reliable networked shared storage that can fuel the most creative environments in addition to greatly reducing the cost of managing mission-critical resources.
metaSAN`s user-friendly file-level sharing capability offers far more flexibility than the more common volume-level based sharing that imposes serious workflow restrictions.
With metaSAN, you manage accesses to your shared storage the same way you normally would for any other local drive. There is no need for special disk formatting or management utilities, or for creating or managing special user accounts. Network administrators simply use standard OS account management tools to grant or deny access to the individual users. For those in mission-critical environment, metaSAN`s dynamic metadata master arbitration model provides the failover mechanism that ensures 24/7 operations by eliminating the risks of downtime associated with conventional metadata controller-based architecture.
metaSAN can seamlessly integrate SAN and LAN networks. With the addition of metaLAN, a multi-point gateway software that connects your enterprise LAN with your high-speed SAN, your entire facility can now benefit from many unique SAN advantages.
metaSAN represents a major shift from traditional SAN management software. You can choose the network topology that best suits your needs - SAN for bandwidth and real scalability, LAN for lower cost and ease of deployment, or a combination of both! You then choose the building blocks that deliver the performance and scalability you need - Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, and even iSCSI. metaSAN supports the leading vendors of storage and networking technology including Apple, Archion, ADTX, Atto, Brocade, D-Link, Enhance Technology, IBM, Infortrend, Emulex, LSI, Proavio, Qlogic, Seagate, and Xyratex.
The Tiger Technology software turns these off-the-shelf storage and networking components into a high-performance workgroup. metaSAN is fully transparent and compatible with standard applications, Adobe Production Studio and Apple Final Cut Pro. In addition, metaSAN enables efficient collaboration among multiple users of Avid® editing software on the same volume.