About Us
ProSave Ltd. is a system integrator company, operating in Turkish broadcast industry and targeting a wide range of customers from individual users to large scale networks. Operations of ProSave Ltd. covers also the surrounding countries, including Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan. With a strong technical and IT background, we are providing best of the breed solutions for our customers.

Our solution coverage includes design and consultancy for the customer, provisioning of conventional and IT based broadcast equipments, installation and commissioning, training and after sales technical support.

ProSave Ltd. is an 8 years old privately held company, managed by a team of engineers with 25 years of market knowledge each in broadcast and IT industries.

Our customer base includes public TV stations, private TV stations, content producers, production houses, state organizations and individual videographers.

We are working with leading vendors providing conventional broadcast equipments and solutions, IT vendors, software developers and multivendor sourcing companies.

We are the leading provider of conventional and IT based integration solutions for local broadcasters.